School Without walls has built a SWW Digital Portal (nicknamed ‘Tardis’) in Writhlington School.

Cool! Here’s what it does:

Tardis is a den like space in the heart of Writhlington School – where young people and adults can embark on a School Without Walls journey, ‘doing school differently’. In this digital portal, young people can respond to and initiate real world experiences whilst still physically at school. There are lots of possible ways of using Tardis including: Skype live/ recorded streaming (performances from Theatre Royal Bath/ experts/ student groups), Creating immersive environments, Film/ record presentations/ performances. Private Rehearsal space, Virtual theatre (stream out and in), a Diary room, anExhibition space, Live link to other environments (field trips) Additional extra curricular research

We can’t wait for September to unveil the latest offerings from the SWW Digital Portal!

Writhlington School will be holding an INSET days for all staff at the egg in the autumn. We may even be able to encourage them to perform on the stage…